The Blissful Family Budget

The Blissful Family Budget

taught by Heather Farris

Course description

Finally a family budgeting course designed with families in mind. This course was made by a mom with moms in mind.

Heather  Farris
Heather Farris
Instructor Title

Heather is a mom, military wife, accountant and entrepreneur. She has earned her degree in Accounting and Management and has recently delved deep into her online business. She's on a mission to help moms to live more intentionally by nurturing their journey through motherhood. She is passionate about helping families with budgeting, meal planning and she even enjoys talking about insurance and why you need it! For years she has perfected her budgeting techniques to begin digging her family out of debt. She has worked in personal finance and banking and has helped thousands of people with maintaining credit as well as obtaining new credit. She has worked with customers on cleaning up their bank accounts and credit reports and has a love for numbers. She is all about budgeting while still having fun!



Course Curriculum

Retirement Basics
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Bonus: How To Make More
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Bonus: Resources
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